Hello & Welcome

I’ve often been inspired to start a new blog, but never knew where to jump in on my writing. The start of a new year seemed like the perfect place to begin!

We had another quiet New Year’s Eve at home this year. Just my husband, myself, and our 18 month old son Logan.

Logan checked out early this year too, which we could see was inevitable when he went upstairs to his room and came back down with pacifier in mouth (I know, I know) and his favourite two blankies, then proceeded to curl up on the hardwood floor! We scooped him up and had a lovely snuggle together on the sofa before bringing him up to bed.

We got to enjoy that same coziness as a family the following morning for New Year’s. Absolutely blissful and perfect.

So.. Resolutions for the New Year?

My one major goal is to lose all this baby weight for once and for all after Logan’s little brother is born. I still had 30 pounds to lose from having Logan when I became pregnant again! In the meantime I’ve been working out six days a week since mid-November on my elliptical, and have recently started tracking calories on livestrong.com to get an idea of how much I typically eat in a day. I will need to be sure that the calories I take in are not excessively greater than what I would burn in a day – especially when I won’t have the time to devote to workouts anymore! I would like to lose at least 40 pounds this year.

I would also love to make some real progress on our house before the new baby arrives. Having a good sort-out from January through to early March, let’s say. We’ve been living here a year and it’s still quite haphazard. I’d like to go through each room and determine what we need and what we can get rid of, finding ways to organize what we have (buy a label maker and little storage devices), giving the house a good scrub-down, and then adding our own flare of personality with some much-needed painting and decorations!

Outings: Being a bit of an agoraphobe, I’d like to be sure I make the effort to get out of the house semi-regularly. Especially when the weather’s nice!! I’m thinking more in terms of playdates.. taking the kids to the park, on walks, to places like Cosmic Adventures and getting to be around other kids and parents!

Goals for Logan? Well, when he’s ready I’d like to transition him to the toddler bed that’s already in his bedroom. Hopefully this will be the year he outgrows his need of pacifiers as well (he only uses them for sleeptime as it is). But seeing as I’m a mum who still keeps her own security blanket nearby, I can’t really judge now can I? Hahaha! ;) I would also like to get him his own seat for our toilet as an introduction to toilet training – especially after seeing how much he loves its ‘awesome technology’; always running to the bathroom to cram toilet paper into the bowl, and then flushing! I would also like to work with him on his vocab, learning to pronounce words better and being able to identify more things, speak in short sentences, etc. But, again, no pressure. I am a firm believer that babies will get there in their own time, but there is certainly no harm in taking steps to point him in the right direction.

All in all, 2011 is shaping up to be an exciting new decade. Leaving behind the chaos of social drama, and entering the wonderful world of parenthood full-force! :) I am looking forward to being focused on our family, getting to meet our little one on the way, celebrating nana’s 60th birthday as well as my own milestone 30th, and making our house a home.

Happy New Year, everyone!


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