Hospital Paperwork

Finally finished all the paperwork for my April hospital admission!

There was a lot more to fill out this time around than when I was pregnant with Logan in 2009! But at least this got me to work on my birth plan, which I included along with everything else. Now if I can get my hospital bag ready before I go into actual labour this time, I’ll be all set, right!? Haha!

I had a great experience at the Ottawa Hospital [General Campus] when I gave birth to Logan, so my list of preferences this time around is much shorter. I know now that they won’t perform any procedures or administer medication that isn’t necessary. Yay for being part of the Canadian health system, eh! :)

* My main labour support is Paul and Meg, but I said that I would welcome my mum and dad and Logan there with me during the whole process as well. I’m not too sure if my dad will even be back by then, or what exactly we will be doing with Logan so he’s not at the hospital with me the whole entire time.

* I will request a low-dose “walking” epidural if I need pain relief, but my goal is to try and go natural this time too. In hindsight, I think it was silly of me to wait 20 hours into my labour before requesting one the last time, when I was obviously experiencing a lot of difficulty (baby was in distress, and my lack of ‘birthing hips’ made for tight squeeze requiring use of both vacuum AND forceps in an operating room by the end!).

* I would like to be able try different birthing aids like the last time I was there, too (yoga ball, jacuzzi, shower, massage, hot compress), as well as different birthing positions.

* I would like to avoid episiotomy (!!!) in favour of natural tearing, and coaching re: my pushes in that area too.

* I have stressed the importance of my privacy, and even requested a private room despite not having a supplemental health insurance plan. Last time I was pretty lucky as I was placed in a semi-private room right off the bat (rather than being in a ward), and the woman I did share a room with wasn’t staying as long as I would be. However, I still found myself feeling quite uncomfortable with all the people constantly coming into and out of the room – patient visitors, hospital staff making sure baby’s diaper was being changed and baby was being nursed at appropriate intervals. I have Social Anxiety Disorder/terrible performance anxiety which only adds to the horrible discomfort of just wanting some privacy while you get to know and care for your newborn, not to mention being able to get up and go to the bathroom without an audience too!


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