Third Trimester!

I can’t believe I’m officially in the home stretch of my pregnancy: the third trimester!

I cannot imagine getting any more bloated and bigger than I already am! I resemble a beach ball imprisoned in sausage casing as it is! But, as they say, this is the point when the “rapid weight gain” will now commence! I am trying to stay positive though, as I am still 10 pounds away from the weight I was at right before I gave birth to Logan, even though I started out this pregnancy 20 pounds heavier than with my the first. And I have been gaining much slower this time around too. I think I caught control of my eating (pregnancy hunger is insatiable!) and started working out just in the nick of time.

It’s getting more and more difficult to move around with this giant yoga ball of child strapped to my belly, that’s for sure! Any sort of required clothing to be applied to the lower half of my body is a struggle. Driving is fine once I climb up into my seat ..and as long as I don’t have to reverse, check my blind spots, or any sort of twisting of my torso! Heh. Managing Logan is becoming more challenging than ever before as well. Getting myself onto the floor to dress him is almost as impossible as five minutes later when I’m trying to get myself back up again! Diaper changes result in frequent kicks to my stomach; same with tantrums. Even sweet moments when Logan crawls up onto my lap for a cuddle often end with an elbow jab to the in-utero brother. My tummy is just too big to avoid at this point! And, let me tell you, these stretched out tummy muscles are sore enough without the prodding!

However,  I love being pregnant so much that it’s so easy to forget the discomforts the moment they pass. You forget about the way your ribs bend outwards in the wrong direction as your stomach pushes up on them. And how the lung space required for BREATHING gets taken over by tummy-mass too! Often I have to pause to take deep breaths to catch up on the breathing I missed out on. As well as sitting up straight to squeeze my ribs back together with my elbows to try alleviate the discomfort of them bending outwards. Muscles and ligaments are all sorts of loose too. This morning I woke up and stretched blissfully, only to be immediately greeted by a painful charlie horse! My muscle still feels like I pulled it! But at least now that my uterus is bigger, the back pain from having a tilted uterus in the early months has lessened immensely. My tummy muscles, however, are feeling very pulled and tired, so I am thankful for getting my maternity support belt when I did!!!

I find myself experiencing such extremes of emotions as I know this pregnancy is coming to an end. I’m looking forward to getting my body back and being able to move about freely, unencumbered.. all the things I took for granted before! Yet, at the same time, I know I will miss those little kicks and wiggles that reminded me I wasn’t alone. And that I wasn’t the only one excited about the meal I had just consumed. ;) I know I will also miss the firmness of my pregnant belly vs. the floppy skin that will soon be hanging over my jeans too! (Note to self: for the love of God, purchase a Belly Bandit! this time!!!)

I am so eager to meet and get to know our new little one, yet at the same time I am reminding myself to savour this remaining time of being able to sleep through the night. I am all too aware that having to juggle two babies is going to be the most difficult thing I’ve ever tackled in my life. And with sleep deprivation on top of it all, it’s going to be a rough! Honestly, I feel healthier and more energetic now – pregnant and caring for a toddler, yet getting pretty much interrupted 7 hours of sleep at nights – than when I was up at all hours with a newborn!

So, yeah, these next 14 weeks are going to be filled with excitement and preparation, and also lots of one-on-one quality time being spent with the soon-to-be big brother. ♥


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