Life in a Day Video

On July 24th of 2010 I captured my entire day on video – from midnight right up to 11:59PM. While I have done quite a few "Day in the Life" photo projects, this was my first attempt at a live video recording! Needless to say, it presented me with quite the challenge as I struggled to figure out how to articulate myself on camera.

The condensed version of my 24 hours can be found in these two video clips:

Life in a Day – Part 1 of 2:

Life in a Day – Part 2 of 2:

The video begins in the middle of the night with my son waking for a feeding. Then we start into a typical day at our house, with my duties as wife and mum. :) Then we launch into a flurry of activity as we veer from the norm and prepare to attend the wedding of our two good friends – all with baby in tow! (I may have also been at the very early stages of my next pregnancy at this point too!)

The inspiration behind this project? My hubby came up to me a few hours before the clock was about to strike midnight and mentioned how he had just read about Kevin Macdonald and Ridley Scott’s new YouTube project for a film they were going to be working on for 2011. This immediately piqued my interest, and so I set about getting myself ready, just as I would if I were planning to do a photo DITL – only this time with a video camera!

My video was amongst the 100 hours of footage that they had narrowed it down to. And they received over 80,000 clip submissions worldwide, totalling about 4,500 hours too! It took me a while getting back to them, just because I couldn’t believe the email they sent me was real! It seemed too good to be true! Luckily, I managed to re-submit my files via FTP in time, along with all the release forms. So there is a small chance they may have used some of my footage after all, but I’m not going to hold my breath. It should still be interesting to watch, even if I haven’t made it into the 90 minute film. Seeing people from all over the world, and what we all experienced on that same day.

So I just wanted to mention that you will have a chance to view the movie – which is premiering tonight at the Sundance Film Festival – before it is officially released on video/in theatres. Tomorrow – Friday, January 28th at 7PM your local time, you will be able to watch the film on YouTube streaming from the Life in a Day account:

If you watch it, let me know what you think! :)

It was definitely a fun project for me to undertake. I have since done a few more DITL photo sets, but am definitely planning on doing more video-days again too! :)


UPDATE [Jan 28th]: Hubby and I just finished watching the film. Quite enjoyable to watch, minus the bits that made the animal-lover within traumatized for LIFE. (I’m pretty desensitized to most things, but If there’s anything I absolutely cannot watch, it’s animal slaughter and abuse.) :( Our toddler was also overstimulated, tired and crying the whole time, which meant that I wasn’t fully engaged in the film. But we got through the whole thing! And Logan is finally sleeping now.

Unsurprisingly, my clips didn’t make it into the film. But I am honoured that they even considered them in the first place. Lots of beautiful, touching clips from people all over the world! I was unaware of the four questions too, or else I would have been sure to include them in my footage. Has given me some ideas for future videos of my own!


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