Family Day

Today is Family Day- a statutory holiday for the Canadian provinces of Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Prince Edward Island.

Or as we refer to it in our household: Monday. :P

Hubby still worked as usual, and I prepared meals for our family, then subsequently cleaned up, as well as chilled with Baby L. I have to say I think we’re pretty lucky to be afforded the luxury of being able to enjoy this sort of lifestyle. Even if hubby never really gets any days off (hey, as a mum, neither do I!), we still get to stay close to one another and have little moments, such as mealtimes, where we get to just relax and enjoy each other’s company. The rest of Canada needs a provincial holiday in order to be able to experience the same thing!

So it was a typical day for us here at home. I’ve reached the grotesquely obese/can’t move stage of pregnancy, as well as being incredibly exhausted again, so getting out of the house with a toddler is so much more of an effort for me now. Heck, it’s an effort for me to get down on the floor to sit alongside him! (I describe it as having two 3L bottles of pop strapped to my abdomen, then being required to function as normal!)

I think my favourite part of the day was when L and I took out the camera and took silly photos together… :D

I read a great post recently by a writer with the alias “herbadmother”. Basically she goes on to say how we complain about our kids, the daily struggles of motherhood. But in the end, we wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world. So very true. You can read that post here: Why We Do What We Do

I know I do complain quite a bit (about anything and everything, really, not just parenthood). On those days when Logan fills a diaper multiple times within the timespan of one mere hour, and with each subsequent diaper change he becomes more agitated- screaming, flailing, and delivering several hard kicks to his in-utero brother and my overworked stomach muscles. Or when nothing happens for him as he had hoped, and he goes from one thing to the next pointing and screaming at it in outrage until I finally get up and set things straight. But, honestly, becoming a parent is the best thing to ever happen in my life. It was like I had the edges done to the puzzle, and then somebody just popped in the entire middle to complete it. :)

I also read a post on Twitter today that simply says it all: If you don’t complain about your kids, you aren’t spending enough time with them.

Oh how I LOL’ed. :) It’s just like how the only people you’ll ever see me get into actual disagreements with are those I feel close to, and have spent enough time with to feel comfortable showing that side of myself. :) It’s a GOOD thing!

I still smile to think of the comment someone gave us at a wedding I attended with my husband and Logan when he was still so little he wasn’t even mobile. She was just saying how it’s nice to see people actually taking responsibility for their kids and bringing them around with them, followed by a couple examples of people she knew always dumping their kids on the grandparents- basically becoming a parent had absolutely NO impact on their lives whatsoever because they still went out and did whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted to!

I can’t imagine! I just put Logan to bed and I miss him already, lol. And some people say “oh it’s unhealthy, he needs to learn how to be around people other than his parents” etc. Yet, whenever we’ve gone out anywhere with him, Logan will literally get so swept up in his new surroundings that he will just go off without so much as a second glance in the general direction of the parents he’s just up and left, LOL! So much for that theory. :P Often at get-togethers I have to remind myself to keep tabs on my son because I’ll get caught up with my friends, and he’ll go off and do his own thing too! He’s certainly not timid or shy! Hahahaa. I think our family dynamics have actually encouraged his sense of confidence and self-assurance in the world, if anything!

This isn’t a jab at anyone we know who happens to have a semblance of a life despite having kids, though, and don’t get me wrong! While I’m not really into parties or late nights out drinking (much prefer a quiet glass of wine at home!), it still would be nice to have a night out to see a movie or go out to dinner every once in a while with hubby/friends, toddler-free, without the anxiety of burdening my mum, who does a lot of physical work during the day as it is without having to tend to an energetic, cheeky toddler too. But then that’s just something I’ve got to learn how to deal with, becoming more assertive and putting my own needs first from time to time.

But it is nice to have that positive recognition of how we love our son and of course include him in our daily lives.

And there is so much more we want to do with him as he gets older, as well. And we are already looking forward to planning our next flight and vacation with our TWO boys! :D

And thus concludes my Family Day post. I hope you all got to spend quality time with the people you love today too! Even if it was just a few special minutes. :)


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