Getting Biiiig! And assertive. ;)

34 weeks.

(Sorry for the TMI showing of skin.)

So, yes. Officially too large to sit up. Tummy muscles stretched to their max; belly itself hanging *in-between* my legs!! Things that I used to take for granted like sitting in a car and being able to drive, sitting in a movie theatre for a couple hours, or enjoying a nice meal at a restaurant, all end now with me feeling like I’m about to rip in two!! I can stand up (though gravity does take its toll pretty quickly), and I can lie down, but that’s about it at this point. :P

I just feel bad because I’ve had to decline a lot of offers to meet up with friends etc. because I *am* in a lot of pain this time round, especially since hitting the third trimester. (I have TWO support bands for my belly and back now!) I’m now just trying to take it as easy as one possibly can while still having to chase after a toddler. ;) So I’m posting these pics to help explain myself. I’m not trying to be a jerk when people are in town and I STILL can’t drive out to meet up. I would gladly invite people out here, but I know we are quite a bit of a ways out, and with gas prices and all.. *shudder* On the bright side, I know I will not be stuck like this forever! So I’m trying to consider it much-needed time to rest before I *gulp* never sleep again! lol

In addition, I am also trying to be more assertive when it comes to going out and socializing with our Logan. His naps are anywhere from noon to 2, so I would like to block out those times when it comes to future plans in favour of him getting his usual rest. For me, sleep has been incredibly vital to my well-being, and so I am naturally inclined to stress over Logan getting a good quality of sleep too. Which I know he can only achieve in his usual routine at home (no he will NOT sleep: in the car, in somebody else’s house, on pile of blankets in a quiet corner, and other such places as people have tried to convince me). So I’m aiming for outings before noon, or after 2. And unless we can get my mum to come over, certainly being home by 7PM too! Otherwise, if that’s simply not do-able, I will accept missing out in favour of staying home with our little man, and letting Paul go out for all of us. :)


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