Hospital Bag Checklist

I am relieved to say that I have made headway in getting ready for my hospital stay when I go into labour! It’s nice to know that everything I’ll likely need is packed, set, and ready. And that I won’t be scrambling to throw together necessities in the midst of labour again like last time!!! And what better way to show my progress than with some pics! :)

– Snacks, juice, spoon, face cloths, bib
– Diapers, wipes, and baggies
– Changing pad
– Change of pants, t-shirt, hoodie, socks, soft shoes
– A special new toy: Text & Learn :)
– Crayons, paper, and a colouring book
– Cell phone & car keys
– Puzzle
– Don’t forget: Scout, blankie, and pacifier [not shown, they’re in bed with him!]

However, we’ve since agreed that it would be best to keep Logan at home rather than dragging him to the hospital with me. He will still be getting his new toy when his brother is born! :) I just decided that we were long overdue for a properly organized diaper bag all set *in advance* for outings, so what better time to sort this all out! :)

So, alternating in keeping an eye on Logan while I’m in hospital will be Paul, my mum, and Meaghan. The fact that my first labour was 36 hours, followed by a 3 day stay for observation at the hospital due to complications, makes me want to ensure that he will be properly cared for during a similar stretch of time- even though I have been reassured that the second baby is always easier and faster than the first! Ohh WE SHALL SEE. Heh.

I’m happy with this arrangement because, honestly, I don’t need people by my side throughout the *entire* time that I am labouring. Last time I was completely focused inwardly anyway as I worked to manage the pain, and as a result blocked out everything else around me! As long as Paul is there in time for the birth of his second baby boy, at least, I’ll be happy. :)

For Baby:

– Comfortable outfit; layers (sleeper, onesies)
– Socks
– Mitts
– Cap
– Warm blanket
– Breastfeeding pillow
– Infant car seat [not shown]

Newborn diapers, wipes, vaseline, receiving blankets, etc. will be provided by the hospital.


– Hospital & OHIP card
– Wallet
– Checklist
– Heating pad (for back contractions)
– Bikini top
– Labour necklace
– Nursing bra + pads
– Doubled up maternity underwear
– Undershorts
– Socks
– Eye mask
– SLR camera + memory cards + battery charger
– Compact camera + charger
– Video camera + adapter
– Tripod + camera attachment
– iPhone loaded up + charger + headphones
– BOOZE! (whut! Just kidding.. *shifty eyes*)

Maternity pads, wipes, spray bottle, meds, creams, etc. will be provided by the hospital.

– Loose fitting, comfy clothing; layers
– PJs

– Hair scrunchie + head band
– Deodorant
– Washcloth (2)
– Soap
– Toothbrush + toothpaste + floss
– Hair brush
– Shower cap
– Hand mirror
– Makeup (concealer, mascara, chapstick)

And here’s a closer look at my labour necklace.

This was put together during my baby shower for Logan, and fills me with warm fuzzy feelings whenever I look at it, as each bead was given to me by somebody who cares and wishes me a smooth, happy labour. What better keepsake to have by my side! ♥


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