Introducing Baby Jake!

I am very happy and excited to announce that on April 17th 2011, at precisely 1PM, Logan’s baby brother Jake came into the world!

Detailed labour story to come, as I really have NO time for writing (still trying to sort through photos as well), but this is basically what has transpired:

I was really hoping labour wouldn’t last 36 hours like it did with my first. I said that as long as I had a baby within 24 hours max, I’d be happy. Well, perhaps I should have imposed a minimum time limit as well, as I was not anticipating it all to be over in a span of SIX HOURS!! My water broke at 7AM, and by the time we got my mum over to our house, set her up with Logan, gathered together all my bags, *coughs* gotten gas for the car, and found our way to 8th floor labour and delivery, it was almost 11AM! I was already 6cm dilated by the time we arrived, and experiencing some major baby-producing contractions. They knew he was going to arrive soon and, indeed, within two hours I had a baby in my arms!

I describe the whole ordeal as being just like my labour with Logan – only condensed into a much more intense six hours. By the time we were in the car my contractions were so intense that I knew I wanted to have an epidural. Though it barely had time to kick in by the time I received it – I think I finally started to relax just when it came time to push! And my legs started going numb, like, half an hour AFTER he was born, lol. *facepalm*

So this turned out to not only be my first ‘normal’ pregnancy (ie: no genetic testing and extra-close monitoring throughout), but also my first birth outside of an operating room! :) So both Meaghan and Paul were able to stay by my side the whole time, and I also got to watch the baby emerge while a mirror was held up for me. He was passed straight to me after he popped out, and I held him on my chest while Paul got to cut the umbilical cord! While we were all relaxing in the room I decided to nurse Jake right there, rather than waiting for the nurses to give me the go-ahead. Jake took to the breast immediately, just like his brother! I was dubbed a “pro”, lol, with good little latchers. :)

I was kept in the hospital until the 19th so that they could keep an eye on Jake. I was healing up well – no significant tearing, no episiotomy!!!, and uterus shrinking down at a fantastic rate. :) They kept asking if I was in pain, but, really, how do you define pain after THOSE contractions, lol! I was fine, and ended up bringing home all of my Tylenol and Advil. :) However, because I came to the hospital so late, they barely had time to administer a dose of antibiotics via IV, required due to the fact that I was GBS+ this pregnancy. And you’re supposed to have at least two doses! So they wanted to keep an eye out for fever. And also Jake was at increased risk of jaundice, due to the fact that Paul and I are from different racial backgrounds AND the fact that Jake has A+ bloodtype like his father, rather than O+ like me, his carrier! (Same with Logan!) However every blood test Jake went through came back with extremely low numbers – i.e. completely NOT jaundiced. It was nice to know that they were being thorough and keeping a good eye on him, though. :)

We received excellent care at the Ottawa General Hospital. I loved my nurse, Jo, who was bubbly and super-friendly. Jake was so cute that even staff that are around babies all day stopped to admire him, lol! ;) I ended up turning down my private room too, and staying in the semi-private they had me in while I was to wait for a private room to become available. I ended up having that room to myself the whole time anyway! :) I don’t know whether they did that out of consideration because they knew of my anxiety around people, but that only added to my relaxed experience at the hospital! Plus I wasn’t so exhausted like I was after my first labour, and I got to have a full lazyday to myself the following day. Though I was missing home terribly – this was the longest Logan and I had ever been apart! – but also enjoying the opportunity to get some rest. Just lie in bed all day watching saved-up episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and Glee on my iPhone. :D I came home feeling more refreshed than I have in a long time, actually!

It has definitely been quite the adjustment having TWO under two to manage here at home. We certainly appreciate all nana’s help with Logan, tidying up and preparing meals, as well as friends dropping by with meals for our dinners too. THANK YOU!!! :) But, as Jake is working his way into his own routine, we are starting to know more of what to expect and how to work around his nursing times. I usually tuck him into a baby carrier while I take care of breakfast for our family. And then when Logan goes down for his nap, so do Jake and I, and Paul is responsible for dinner. Yeah, we usually have two big meals spaced evenly apart that last us through the day. And Logan still eats the same as he did before.

Logan was out of sorts for the first couple of weeks as well. There’s been a lot of changes around here all at once – the loss of Pepper, gaining a new family member, and the construction starting up behind our house. He has been doing pretty well, considering! Logan would wake up late (as would we), so then his naps would have him waking up at 6PM, and bedtime would be after 10PM! But thankfully we have managed to get ourselves back on track and in our comfortable routine again fairly quickly. For this we all feel much better. This major life change definitely seems to have launched Logan into the terrible twos just on schedule, though. He gets frustrated when he can’t have what he wants RIGHT AWAY, and because he speaks fluent Loganese and we do not, there is a lot of frustration due to lack of clear communication, too. He has a piercing scream, and has taken to biting his toys or throwing them when he can’t contain his frustration. I certainly hope we will be able to work through this with him!

Already, Jake and Logan clearly seem to be two completely different babies. Physically, Jake looks more like his father. Whereas Logan looks more like me. Jake’s got Paul’s nose, eyes (with the shorter eyelashes, though still brown), eyebrows, and forehead. And Logan has my nose, eyes, eyebrows, and forehead! :) From day one Logan was very alert, always awake and looking around, and EXTREMELY sensitive to his surroundings. As a result spending hours screaming and crying inconsolably – from about 5PM to midnight every night! He took to a pacifier immediately. Meanwhile Jake can just pass out cold when brought into new environments and be oblivious of everything – instantly making him an easier travelling companion – even now! – and probably one of those babies who could just sleep anywhere (whereas Logan can only sleep in his bed, and after our winding down routine). No interest in pacifiers either. Jake is just so mellow! Though, at the moment, his alert periods do tend to be at night, and he can get frustrated with me when, in my sleepy fog, I tend to misread all his cues via cries in favour of wanting to put him down and just go back to sleep!!! lol But during the day he is such an easy kid to have around, I often forget that he is even there, haha! Logan is definitely the more gregarious of the two – he is loud, dramatic, energetic and goofy! Jake so far is just chilled, with a little smile on his face, just happy to be here. Together they make the perfect pair. :)



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