PPD Referral

I have suffered from some pretty debilitating anxiety all my life, as well as depression, so words can’t describe how thankful I am for my OB bringing up PPD with me and then taking the initiative to refer me to a specialist at the hospital. I had my appointment today and walked away feeling hopeful for the first time ever. She had a good grasp of what my issues were, and even understood emotions and states of mind that were difficult for me to put into words. She’s prescribed me some very low dose breastfeeding-friendly medication to help with my moods and getting me on a more even keel. As well as helping me get my energy levels back, so when my toddler starts nursery school in the fall I won’t be too tired to take him, or too anxious to leave the house. Fingers crossed these meds help! She will be monitoring me closely and adjusting things as needed, as well as coordinating up with another hospital for some behavioural therapy to help with my phobia side of things too. :)


2 Responses to PPD Referral

  1. story says:

    It’s so great that you were able to see a specialist! Hope you start feeling better soon.

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