2nd Birthday & Canada Day

Last week was such a flurry of activity!

On the Sunday preceding the 28th we celebrated Logan turning TWO years of age! A point they really drove home when I received my weekly toddler updates ..only this time it was telling me about my “preschooler”! ..Wow.

Our goal was to keep our celebration low-key and easy, just family and close friends and kids that Logan could hang out with. And as we happily discovered, many people were able to make it to our place! We hadn’t been so social since Logan’s birthday the previous year, lol. And our parties just seem to keep getting better and better! I think Logan’s birthday falls at the perfect time for people to want to get together, so this will probably be the one time of year we can try to have people over at our house. Though I still do want to try and plan a special celebration for Jake’s first birthday next year too! :) I’ll have to come up with some nice ‘early spring’ ideas.

So for Logan’s birthday celebration we had most of the festivities outside: Paul did a barbecue, and the kiddie pool and play structures were also available in the back yard. Logan has reached an age where he can appreciate the company of other kids, and it was lovely to see him socialize and play. You can definitely tell who his parents are though, because he’s just as out-there and nuts as both me and Paul combined! ;P

Paul and I had such a blast catching up with all our friends! Logan had a blast too- playing in the water, being silly with all his friends, and stealing food off peoples plates! :P And Jake loved being held and adored by so many people. :)

Paul and I are very thankful to everyone who helped us out that day! Particularly Morgan for blowing up the pool and inflatable toys, my mum and Shannon for doing all the food prep and cooking etc., and Meg for preparing additional snacks! Paul and I are not used to being hosts nor having so many people around to chat with (yes I did lose my voice by the time the party was over, lol), so we were kind of just running around all over the place, starting on something only to get distracted then start in on something else, as well as trying to hold conversations! lol

That same week we also got to celebrate Logan’s birthday again with Paul’s dad, who suggested the idea of a McDonald’s brunch where Logan got to enjoy his first happy meal! :)

Afterwards Logan was treated to a trip to Toys R Us and given free reign to pick whatever he wants! He is currently obsessed with spinning things and initially couldn’t take his eyes of the ceiling fans, but we managed to redirect him soon enough and he walked away with a set of plastic golf clubs (teehee) and a little table with some cute chubby tools that make all sorts of noises. :) It was a perfect day, absolutely tailor-made for Logan!

A few days later we were on the road on our way to visit some old friends at the cottage for Canada Day. Paul and I debated right up until the last minute whether we should go, being the only two people with kids that we’d have to drag along too. But we hadn’t seen them in ages, and this had become our yearly tradition with them (before kids). And it worked out really well! It was a relaxing time, nothing too crazy, just enjoying the lovely weather, good food, and good company! :)

We brought along our tent and Paul set that up outside while Jake stared up at the light shining through the trees, and Logan ..rolled around in dust and spiderwebs. We just about fit our inflatable queen size mattress for all four of us, as well as our hurriedly packed suitcase. As I squatted into the tent and lay there nursing Jake on the wobbly mattress, I really had no idea how we were ALL going to fit into such a cramped space! Luckily, Ryan and his girlfriend Augustine relinquished their bed to us. Miraculously we all just about fit in! Jake was between me and the wall, Paul and I were lying head to foot, and Logan flopped around all over the place in between us. But at some point during the night, we all slept!

We had fireworks that night. Logan found them too scary and loud from the dock, and so did the dogs! I got upset, as this was the exact thing that set off our dog’s phobias, and made Paul bring Logan inside the cottage with me and Jake right away. Luckily Logan calmed down quickly enough, and even started imitating the “weee” sound that the fireworks made.

The next morning Paul took Logan out to the dock for a bit, while I stretched out in the bed with Jake. Then, after breakfast, Paul and Jake went back to bed, and Logan and I went for a little walk before joining everybody at the dock.

Logan played with doggies, waded around in the shallow part of the water, and dug around in the sand. And he watched with devastation as people went out on the sea-doo without bringing him along! (Aw.) He was so curious about everything, so there was absolutely NO WAY we were getting him to take a nap that afternoon. Though he did placate us by sitting quietly on his own for a bit, allowing me a moment to breathe too! So by the time we were ready to head home, which was around 4pm, Logan was absolutely EXHAUSTED. He passed out as soon as we put him into his car seat – and normally he doesn’t sleep in the car! – and slept the whole way, so we were able to make the entire trip home in under 75 minutes! On our way TO the cottage we had to take a McDonald’s break about halfway through because Logan was just getting so agitated and mad trapped in his carseat! But on the way back was a totally different story! Even when we got home, as I got to work on preparing a little sandwich for him before bed, I looked over to seem him curled up on the rug, empty bottle of milk in hand! So I scooped him up and dumped him into his crib. He didn’t wake until almost 9 the next morning, too!

Activity is starting to pick up again for us now too. Oh how I wish some of this could stem over into the long, dull winter months when we could really use a boost, y’know! :)


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