What a Crazy Storm Here in Ottawa!!!

I was in my room trying to get my fussy immunized baby to just go to sleep already when I noticed it was really quite dark out. As I got up to check the clock to see what time it was, I noticed the sound of rain hitting the bedroom window hard. Like, really hard. I went to see what was going on and my gaze was immediately drawn to the traffic on the street. Cars were zooming to the lights and pausing before going through on red! And I noticed that they all had their four-ways on, too. At which point I knew something strange was going on. All these drivers were running away from something that I couldn’t see from where I was standing! That’s when I looked around and noticed that the wind was blowing so hard the trees were horizontal! And that the upstairs, where I was with Jake, had been creaking and swaying! I shook myself out of my shocked trance and quickly scooped up my crying baby and ran downstairs. There I found my mum trying to calm a very upset Logan, who was watching his crazy daddy OUTSIDE in the extreme winds trying to hold up with all his might our large metal gazebo from ripping right off the deck he had worked so hard to build! I don’t know what upset Logan more: the fact that daddy was outside without him, or just the sheer chaos of all that was going on. He was easily soothed by cookies (“gugie” as he calls them, teehee), but would get upset whenever one of us would step outside.

I was all set to get my mum and the kids into the basement! However, the storm had blown by for the most part by the time I had gotten downstairs with Jake, and most of the dirt and sand from the part of the construction site immediately behind us had started to settle. Apparently it wasn’t a hurricane or tornado, but merely winds reaching up to 120km/h as part of a storm resulting from our latest heatwave. And being the end unit of our street, we have a wind-tunnel along the side of our house. And, indeed, as we watched things quieten down and the rain begin to fall as the thunderstorm started up, there was a wind that kept whipping around the side of our house, just shredding apart our metal gazebo, curtains and all. It was a twisted mess of metal – skewed forward into the shape of the wind – so Paul had to pull the rest of it down.

That’s our gazebo moments before its demise. (The cover to our hot tub flew off too!) Our gazebo is now a crumpled mess at the bottom of our yard. But at least we didn’t have a large trampoline to worry about, like our neighbours ..did. :P

We also heard about the stage collapsing at Blues Fest downtown. Caleel sent me this video – I even see a bird in flight fighting against the winds!!


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