Pregnancy & Weight

I have always been curious about how your weight and tummy changes right after you have a baby. Well, here’s my story..

When I became pregnant with Logan, I weighed a lean 120 pounds, give or take. I ended up gaining 50 pounds that pregnancy, and gave birth to my 8-pound, 2.5-ounce son. I lost the first 30 pounds at lightening speed- most of it was retained fluids and babystuff. But what remained was stubborn fat from too many McDonald’s ice cream sundaes and cheesy Cheetos. ;)

So when I became pregnant with Jake, I was 20 pounds heavier than when I had Logan. And I gained 50 pounds that pregnancy too, despite Jake being a slightly smaller 7-pounds, 12-ounces. With that I reached my all-time highest weight of 194 pounds!! Though that did drop a bit towards the final week, and when I left to go to the hospital I was weighing 192.

39 weeks pregnant

This photo was taken the night before my water broke!

And here’s a photo of what my belly looked like right after having Jake!

No baby in there, lol! I took this photo in my maternity ward bathroom, hours after having Jake. It was sooo squishy and jiggly, heehee.

Again, I dropped a good 25 pounds right away, just from labour. This pregnancy I had retained a LOT of fluid however, so I was still peeing just as frequently as a pregnant woman even after having the baby, as my body slowly got rid of it all. Within a week I had deflated considerably:

8 days PP

My baby boy is now three months old and I am down a good 35 pounds:

3 months PP

As you can see, from carrying around a wiggly 30-pound toddler and 16 pound ‘newborn’, my upper arms are nice and toned! Now I just have to work on getting my belly, muffin top, and thighs toned up too! I doubt I will ever see my youthful 120’s again anytime soon, but 130’s would be a nice long-term goal. I know I hit a plateau in the 140’s before Jake, after having Logan. But then I was battling post-partum depression and anxiety. Now I am in much better health, have an active toddler to chase after – who steals all the food off my plate when his younger brother is distracting me with cries for breastmilk, lol. So we’ll see if it’s any easier to get back into shape this time around. ;)


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