My 30th Birthday

I’m the type of person who makes a big deal about birthdays and holidays – I don’t need presents; I just want the day to be special, to have meaning, to be memorable. But out of all my birthdays, I had it in my head that turning 30 was this huge milestone and thus needed to be extra-special. But I wasn’t too sure what I would be able to do, what with a tantrum-throwing, mischief-making 2 year old and a nursing, night-waking new baby. So I spent months telling myself that it would have to be low-key, so that I wouldn’t spend my day in a self-created fog of my own gloom. I was determined to enter my 30’s a new person- positive attitude, less stressed, and more easy-going! So I kept my smile, and grew to accept the idea of a low-key birthday.. Just feed me something good and let me relax I’ll be happy. ;)

Well, it was mid-August when Paul approached me about taking a family trip – us with the kids! The idea seemed incredibly daunting to me, but he insisted that we both get to have extra-special 30th celebrations. So how could I say no? :) We were all set on Paris, France (a city I had been dying to see) – researching hotels and b&bs, how we would get around with the kids in tow, what there was to do, etc. – but in the end we realized it might not be such a kid-friendly choice, and I wasn’t very comfortable with the thought of taking the kids on a long flight (13-15hrs each way, with the requisite layover in Montreal), and having to deal with a 6-hour time difference too. So we put that idea on the backburner, something for us to do on a future European tour with the kiddies when they’re older. :)

So then it may surprise you to hear that we ended up deciding on Hawaii instead.

In my defence, I thought Hawaii “couldn’t be that far from Jamaica”, which is where we managed to take Logan, no problem, when he was 8 months old. Note to self: re-aquaint yourself with a world map! So, yeah, as everyone but me knows, Hawaii’s way out in the Pacific ocean, like in proximity to Japan. ..My bad. There is a 6hr time difference, and our trip ended up being 15 hours of flights and layovers there, and 13 hours of flights and layovers back AND we were out of our hotel room before noon, with a full day out and about Hawaii before our flight back, too! And though we did hit a few rough spots with the kids, we got through it just fine. We made it to Hawaii, rented a car to get around, stayed at a glorious resort with an ocean view, got our own groceries, did things we’d only ever dreamt of doing, and basically had the time of our lives. :) I would go back tomorrow if I could!!! But I would stay for more than a week before making that long trek back! :)

All this to say, I did indeed have a memorable 30th birthday after all, surrounded by my husband and two boys. :) I couldn’t have asked for a better day, either. I got to ride on horseback along the shoreline and through the woods for an hour, which was absolutely magical. Then that evening we had dinner in our room, and Paul surprised me with a cheesecake that I was soon to become hopelessly addicted to… ;) Ted’s Bakery – oh how you tantalize my taste-buds!

30th birthday in Hawaii

That’s me standing on the lanai of our room on September 2nd – my birthday! This was our view! We kept the door open at nights just to hear the ocean waves crashing. Amazing.

I will definitely have to dedicate a post just to the details of what we did on our trip! But for now I wanted to update just to say what an amazing week it was, and what a lucky girl I am.

I believe that reaching my 30’s is going to be a pivotal turning point in my life. Already, my medication has helped me more than I ever could have imagined in feeling calmer, less anxious, and stabilizing my moods. Things don’t get to me so much anymore, and I’m able to do normal day-to-day things that I had always been too anxious, stressed, and depressed and summon up the courage to tackle beforehand. I am able to focus infinitely better on tasks too, and I have actual energy to live my life! We were out every day in Hawaii, which would have normally drained my limited reserves and resulted in horrific breakdowns. But instead I was enthusiastic and involved! Honestly, that trip would have been a total waste of money had I not been on these meds.

So, I think a lot of things are going to change for the better from here on out. :)


One Response to My 30th Birthday

  1. Kris says:

    AHmazing!! I’m so glad you decided you go (and your DH twisted your arm!) ;) and especially that the meds help support you so you could enjoy yourself! Glad the boys didn’t make that impossible either! You totally deserved it… hope the memories come back to you easily everytime you close your eyes (when you are asked to imagine the sound of ocean waves, you now have fresh stereo sound footage to drawn upon!) :)

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