Preparing for Christmas [updated: Dec 5th]

I can’t ignore it anymore.. I need to start brainstorming about what gifts I’m going to buy for Christmas 2011!!! ;)

I think I’m just going to do what I did last year, to save a lot of stress and frantic running around, and that was to focus on just finding gifts for the kids. It’s really their holiday anyway! This works out well now that so many of us are parents, too. I am especially looking forward to shopping for my niece and new nephew!! :) Kids at this age are so easy and fun to shop for! (Something I would have never imagined myself saying before I had my own!! Haha.) I have to actually restrain myself from spoiling our boys, as no doubt something always manages to catch my eye while I’m out!

For Logan this year I already have a few things for him that I was originally going to use as entertainment on the plane when we went to Hawaii. As it turned out I bought too much, so off into storage for Christmas they went! :) If I pick up anything more, or have gift recommendations to pass along, it would just be: stickers, books to colour, blank colouring pads, new crayons, Colour Wonder kits, socks (his shoe size is now 9.5), and some new books for us to read together. The ones we have that manage to capture his attention have been read to death! He looooves Sandra Boynton’s books, and also we really need to stock up on more by Mo Willems.

We are frequently being asked if our kids need new clothes, too. Usually I shudder at the mere thought of this, as Jake’s nursery is currently home to boxes and bags full of clothes, shoes, jackets, hats- you name it!! And yet it seems that somehow Logan has almost compltely run out of tops and bottoms that fit! I went out and got a few 3T/4T warm fleece and wool sweaters from the consignment shop located way too conveniently next to his nursery school, and must now stock up on pants. Gotta keep this little guy warm!! Logan is this elusive pants size now, however, as he is too tall for size 2T pants, but too thin for [most] size 3T’s. I suppose the only solution is to secure the 3T pants on ‘im with duct tape. ;) Thankfully, Logan’s got a couple pairs of jeans that do fit well, now I’m just looking for jersey/fleece pants that will keep him warm around the house. He goes through pants like you wouldn’t believe!

As for Jake, I’m thinking along the lines of colourful toys that he can crinkle or rattle, and especially toys that light up and make sounds when you press the buttons. He is a big fan of Logan’s old toy telephones, and has a special place in his heart for our TV remote. ;)

I’ve compiled my lists using’s Universal Wishlist. :) You can find my brainstorming for ALL of my boys right here:

I’m loving Amazon’s Universal Wishlist as I even use it to keep track of stuff I’d like to buy for myself eventually. Often when a special event is coming up, I’ll refer back to my list and find an item I’ve put there that would be just perfect. And most recently I have crossed off the 15-gallon long terrarium that I was planning to move our pet toads into (we had them in a temporary home since the summer). :) I also have a secret list of things to buy for other people for birthdays and whatnot that I add to whenever gift ideas strike me.

Of course I will do up some nice family photos, or something along those lines, to give to our parents and the grandparents too. Paul and I always have fun shopping for each other too, as we get to exchange wishlists and treat each other. :) I looove unwrapping gifts and like to prolong the process as long as possible ..much to the frustration of my dear husband, lol!


2 Responses to Preparing for Christmas [updated: Dec 5th]

  1. dawn says:

    a book I recently got from the library that logie might love is How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You? by Jane Yolan… I just heard about a reading program in Ontario where you read the 10 books they choose and vote for your fav one (i think you can win prizes and stuff) this book was in last year’s contest :)

  2. Kris says:

    I totally agree kids are the funnest to shop for! :) I already have something for Jake, and we saw something for one of the toddlers yesterday at IKEA and picked it up (Logie’s birth month buddy, just need something for him now! I’ll need to observe him next weekend to see how much he’s developped since his summer bday!). Meanwhile I have been knitting away for Eve and her baby sister (can’t say what!). ;)

    Waaay more fun than us big people, especially family (so many of those older generation peeps have everything they could possibly want). But only a couple months left to shop. :(Gotta print my lists…

    p.s. save the date for our xmas party on the 3rd Sat of Dec, would love to see you and Paul and the boys here! :)

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