2011: Looking Back

2011? Best year EVARRR. I would dare say that it’s the best year of my life, but I’m hoping for more good years in the future too.. ;)

First of all, let’s have a look back at the resolutions I made for myself.

Of course weight was the first one. I was hovering just a few little black lines away from 200 pounds during my last few weeks of pregnancy with Jake – my highest weight ever! So I was especially determined to drop at least 40! (After having my first, I only lost about 25-30 of my pregnancy pounds and then it stopped completely, so I knew this time I needed to get my act together!) Well, immediately after having Jake I lost 20 pounds, so I was halfway to my goal already. ;) But since then I have lost 40 more pounds on top of that. I think it’s kind of hard to tell this time around because my fat has been distributed differently, though. But not too bad for somebody on the “running back and forth between two children”/”my toddler eats all my food” diet, eh! ;)

Next was the house. Well I did manage to get quite a bit of organizing done, and though most of the overflow has transferred over to my little computer room now, there is much less to be sorted! This means Jake finally has his own crib in his own room! (Though he still has yet to actually sleep in it.) We didn’t do much painting or decorating this year, either – it’s been a surprisingly busy year. BUT! I did finally figure out what style I’m drawn to, and have a few items on their way to me in the mail to be set up in my computer room – which will be the first room I’ll get to test out my home decor ideas! Totally the opposite of my dear husband’s tastes, I’m sure. He’s into minimalistic, contemporary modern – and for the longest time I was too! However, this is quite an impossible layout to maintain in a house that’s full to the brim and always being trashed by children. So I found myself slowly being drawn to 1950s -1975 era styles! Oranges, browns, yellows and the like… so kitschy, but it would seem I love ’em! :) The other day I called my mum up frantically to see if we still had our old rotary phone, lol! Unfortunately, most of the retro items I grew up with in our  family home have long since been given away. So I’ve taken to scouring the web for vintage paraphernalia, particularly Etsy.

As for my 2011 goals for Logan, I did manage to get him out of that crib and into a proper bed – though most of the time I still find him asleep on the bedroom floor! Haha. But, yes, he still uses his pacifier at night, and we’ve had mixed results with the potty training. Now that Jake is here, I would like to get him involved in the potty training (e.g.: putting him on a potty at the same time), which would maybe help Logan get into the idea. Also, there have been concerns about the delay in Logan’s ability to communicate, but still I do notice improvements in him each week!! He’s wanting to know what things are called, and is trying his best to pronounce them – he has an excellent memory! He’s bringing words together, making sentences. My favourite is: “Hey, Jakey, whatcha doin’?” :) A close second is: “that’s mumma’s iPod” hehe.

What truly made this year unforgettable, though, was just how much I was able to enjoy myself. 2011 started off a bit rough, as I was nearing the end of my pregnancy with Jake and had developed prenatal depression in my third trimester, which was immediately followed after his birth by your standard “Baby Blues”, later settling into post-partum depression. I was referred to a psychiatrist at the hospital very quickly though, and she knew exactly what to prescribe me. Much to my surprise, the medications worked quickly, and I felt the positive effects almost immediately! As a result, I was able to calm down, my moods stabilized, and I became a much happier, more interactive mother and wife. At last I was able to truly appreciate all the great things I knew I had in my life! :)

Memories of 2011 that stand out in my mind are: Jake’s birth, and him being such a sweet, laid-back, and happy baby. Our last-minute trip to Hawaii, which turned out to be the most amazing time ever LETSGOBACK!!!!! And having my dad return home after two years overseas, for the holiday season, allowing him to see Logan no longer a baby and meet our newest addition Jake.

I couldn’t have asked for a better year! 2012, you have some serious competition! :)


One Response to 2011: Looking Back

  1. Kris says:

    Amazing! you should be so proud of all you have accomplsihed! :) I think 2012 will be just as wonderful and full of great family moments, even if they might not be as huge as the birth of a family member or a really awesome trip. Maybe there will just be lots more little moments spread over the *whole* year for you to enjoy now that you are feeling better! <3

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