Survey Fun: Part 1

My friend posted a survey on LiveJournal. I began to work on it as well, but after the first question was answered I knew that this was something I’d have to complete in separate parts. ;) So here’s my response to the first question!

If you had 1,000,000 dollars to give away, how would you do it?

I would give it all to my parents, who have always looked out for me and made sure I was taken care of – basic survival needs AND emotionally. They have gone above and beyond for me a thousand times over and deserve the biggest most appreciative thank you I can muster.

Bits of pieces of my past I can remember (I have a terrible memory, haha) include my mum letting me stay home as a little kid when I was suffering from overwhelming anxiety; talking with my principal, and just being slow and patient with me. Even memories of my dad trying his darnedest to get me into classes with my friends when we started high school and I found myself for the first time isolated from everyone I had grown up and gone to school with. I was a bundle of nerves, convinced the schools were conspiring against me. My dad sent letters and phoned from the United States (where he was based at that time) to see what could be done.

Even now – at the tender age of 32 years! – my parents are still looking out for me! I wasn’t intending to continue on with my newfound passion late in life, horse riding, as it’s not like I can turn a hobby into a career that would support my family *now*. It is an expensive pastime and I knew going in that it wasn’t going to last forever. However, what I didn’t anticipate was the therapeutic value of my riding lessons! My ability to do things around people improved – riding helped with my overpowering performance anxiety! I found self-confidence and inner strength in myself I had never felt before. So when I made the decision to put the money towards my family, my children, instead of taking up another year of schooling it made my heart a bit heavy. Never did I expect my ‘scheming’ parents to conspire over secret messages between one another to set me up for a whole ‘nother year to experience more of these benefits!!! Haha :)

So, yeah, I’d give it all to my parents with out so much as a second thought! :) More than anything I would love to see my dad be able to retire – stop working so damn hard all the time and relax! To have the luxury of being able to put business aside and dust off the ol’ hobbies and interests. Just being able to live without stresses and obligations and just enjoy – that is what I want for both of my parents.


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