World Autism Awareness Day

world autism awareness day

Today is World Autism Awareness Day!

My son was recently diagnosed as being on the Autism spectrum, which means that you can’t expect the same things out of him as you would his peers. He has his own unique way of observing and interacting with the world around him, has his own special style of learning (he is amazing at picking up patterns!). And while he may trip over the walls in our house that he’s forgotten have always been there, lol, he’s got a powerful brain up in that little head of his! He’s such a technology wiz (computers, game consoles, tv players, etc!), he can read and write – nothing short of amazing!

To top it all off, he’s so sweet and caring and kind. He’s super-approachable and friendly, and silly as well.

We’re working on speech therapy with him now, to help him better connect with his friends and be able to hold proper conversations. We want the very best for him in his future!


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