About Me

My name is Nina. I’m married to the boy I grew up with and started dating during high school. He is my best friend and my biggest frustration – so, clearly, we must be soul mates! :)

We have two young boys who are the ultimate culmination of our silliness and quirks. My oldest was recently diagnosed with mild Autism, so he’s not only adorable and sweet but a freakin genius as well lol! These two little men have helped me enormously in coping with my depression and anxiety and just getting out of the house.

I’ve struggled with pretty debilitating anxiety and depression all my life. After the birth of my second I was referred to a post-partum psychiatrist who got me on the meds that changed my life. My anxiety symptoms have greatly reduced (though I still feel most comfortable being at home to being around people the majority of the time), and my depression doesn’t linger quite as long or hit such scary lows anymore.

Riding horses is something I’ve only just recently taken up, in April of 2012. I am in the English discipline, dressage. My riding lessons have played a huge role in building my self-confidence and getting out of the house as well!

I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and am a proud alum of Carleton University! :)

I have a passion for mental illness issues, and creating awareness surrounding that.

My two main hobbies are photography and blogging. I guess this speaks true of my sentimental mentality, as I love to hold on to memories to reflect upon later.

My favourite types of photography are portraits, babies, pets, nature shots of flora and fauna (especially using macro), and more recently wanting to get into astrophotography.

As for blogging, I love writing from a personal and emotions-based point of view. Little vignettes or biographical snippets. I find that I tend to express myself/human emotion really well, in a way that can be quite captivating and even touching to read.

Otherwise, you can find me on Pinterest ..collecting new hobbies! Haha

Feel free to add me on any of these sites I’ve listed! :) My online world has become my primary means of socializing over recent years!

2 Responses to About Me

  1. Kris says:

    Cool new set-up!! hope this one works for you! :) updated my blogroll (it still had your bellyfruit.blogspot site, oops!)
    I find wordpress really good at keeping everything all organized in one place. And it’s great to have the “pages” option too for sections you want to kind of have permanently prominently published. :P not just a regular entry.
    can’t wait to be reading about the new baby!

  2. Nina says:

    Ooh thank you! I just threw it together one afternoon with the material from the blogs I had started this year on LJ. Thought I’d give it a try, especially with all the DDoS attacks happening over there these days. I like the different things you can do with the setup. I am sure I will continue fiddling around with things (like making a page for links to friends’ blogs), but this will do for now. :)

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